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Lord Luis Bacardi Official Website

Lord Luis Bacardi Official Website

Monika Bacardi (lordluisbacardi) has always had consideration for her fellow humans, which drives her benevolent activities. Monika also encourages the prosperity of children through AMADE-Monaco (Association Nationale Monégasque des Amis de l'Enfance). Numerous local beneficent bodies, that support causes regarding social concerns of special significance to her, benefit from her assistance. Monika Bacardi is constantly engaged in Monaco’s cultural and charity activities.

Monika's Biography, Passions and Personal History

She is originally from Italy. Having found a deep passion for art and philanthropy, she learned about arts and literature there. Monika Bacardi has been a citizen of Monaco for more than twenty years. The AMBI group, a cinematographic business based in Europe, was co-founded by her in 2013 because of her love for cinema. Lady of Bayfield Hall is the name that Monika Bacardi inherited, after becoming a member of the Bacardi family.

Monika Bacardi's Personal Life

Monika Bacardi and Lord Luis Bacardi (the Lord of Bayfield Hall - a relative of the founder of the Bacardi Company) had a girl together after they married. Being positive and endeavouring to keep a smile on one's face are things that she believes in. She likes to voice her profound sensitivity to ecological and social issues in many areas of her life. Monika Bacardi loves her work and, because of this, work is also a great part of her personal life.

Seventh Art and Art - Monika Bacardi's Passions

Making commercially viable films (and promoting the art) for a worldwide audience is a significant goal of AMBI Pictures. Wanting to motivate aspiring film makers was one of the justifications for her starting AMBI Pictures, in conjunction with her passion for "The Seventh Art". Monika Bacardi loves modern art and photography, appreciating the creations of many celebrated artists and photographers.